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Quick witted, sparkly, and compassionate, Dr. Sheri lays bare the raw emotions of facing death in her new memoir When Everything Changed: My Journey from Physician to Patient.

  October 1, 2008 was WHEN EVERYTHING
  CHANGED. I didn’t get married, didn’t have a
  baby, and didn’t get a new job. I found a lump
  in my right breast. Normally, I would have run
  to tell my mother, but I was frozen by my
  discovery. I knew it was cancer from the 
  moment I felt it, because no one knows my
  body better than I do.

This gripping tale conveys Dr. Sheri confronting her frailty in one loss after another, climbing from self-examination to self-discovery, arriving face to face with herself, her power, and her God.

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When Everything Changed
Dr. Sheri shares her story of being a successful young physician, enjoying a full life with her beautiful family, When Everything Changed.
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