Dr Sheri: story about cancerHi all!

For the next several weeks, I will be sharing (and revealing the answers to) some of the most frequently asked questions regarding my life, diagnosis, story about cancer, and my story of change.

It’s my hope that I can bring some inspiration to you, guidance, or hope.  If you have questions that are not listed here and are just itching to know the answer, please send me a message on my website: DrSheriMD.com.

   1     What defines Dr. Sheri Prentiss?

I’m defined by my true passion, gift, and ability to motivate the human spirit into a higher level of existence which is rooted in my deep and personal relationship with God.

   2     What were your plans before you were diagnosed with breast cancer?

I planned to remain in my executive management position for the largest health care system in Illinois, which afforded me the opportunity to also continue my clinical practice. In my mind, I had landed the perfect job, one that I could remain in until I retired.

   3     Do you ever wish you could go back to life as if was before breast cancer? Why/why not?

NO! Through my struggle to live, for me and for others, I learned the truth of the matter. The truth about self. The truth about others. And in so doing, that truth has set me free.

   4     How has this experience awakened you to yourself and your purpose?

When I developed lymphedema after treatment and became disabled from performing the clinical aspects of my job, my life-long dream was stripped from me in an instant. And admittedly I wanted to die as I saw no hope. I thought the world would not miss me or my talents and it might even be better off without me. But stepping up to the plate, even when I was afraid of striking out, opened up a flood of blessings I could have never imagined. God was ordering my footsteps to lead me to a career and life that I could have never dreamed of myself.

That’s all for now – check back next week for more questions and their answers.  Maybe YOU’RE question will be there!