S. Phillips Consulting, LLC, established in 2001, helps individuals/employees balance work and family which in turn allows employers to maintain a loyal and motivated workforce. The mission of SPC is to help organizations/individuals achieve business/personal goals in a safe and healthful environment. Because the demands on people have changed and balancing work and family has become more difficult, tools for achieving this balance are crucial. Dr. Sheri knows and understands the importance of life balance and she provides interactive and realistic programs to help. She also understands that every individual’s/company’s needs are going to be and should be different. Therefore, tailoring the concepts of wellness and healthy lifestyles specifically to your needs is her number one priority.

She has used her experience to apply medical management skills to four not-for-profit organizations—New Nation Anointed Ministries, Hope4Us (Chief Medical Officer), The Harvey Brooks Foundation (Board of Directors) and the LIVE-Today Foundation, Inc. (Founder). For these organizations, she serves as a liaison between physicians and the administration, oversees quality management programs, and performs strategic planning.

Over the past 20+ years, she has become a highly experienced and dedicated physician with authoritative proficiency in healthcare management and organizational administration. She is an industry leader and subject matter expert in occupational health and wellness. She is a board certified occupational medicine physician with a unique physician-patient perspective which has allowed her to master emotional intelligence and practice transformative medicine. Book Dr. Sheir for Your Healthcare Consulting Needs

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