After breast cancer treatment left her disabled from lymphedema in her right upper extremity, stripping her of her life-long dream of being a practicing physician, she re-invented herself and went on to become a national public figure, professional speaker, and entrepreneur/owner of her own healthcare consulting business. She has been the catalyst for transformation in the space of cultural and workplace diversity for a myriad of organizations for more than two decades. As the former national spokesperson (six years) and the former national African American Health Equity Ambassador (two years) of the world’s largest breast cancer organization, Susan G Komen, she is no stranger to media, be it tv, radio, print or internet. She recently launched her new television show, The LIVE Today, on CANTV channel 21. The show is designed to increase exposure to her nonprofit organization and provide valuable education and resources to individuals living with lymphedema.

It was her experience with cancer that impassioned her with an empathic fervor that embodies everything she does. She brings a unique perspective as a physician and a patient; a survivor and an overcomer; and a daughter turned caregiver. Although her bio and resume offer the many platforms, publications, places, and positions her abilities, skills, and anointing have carried her, what they do not mention is the tens of thousands of lives she has affected, changed, encouraged, inspired, and touched. It has been her holistic approach to life that envelops her interactions with those to whom she ministers, counsels, consoles, and comforts. Whether one-on-one, small groups, forums, panels, symposiums, congregations, or conferences, her delivery, determination, drive, and dedication to her purpose are always at the forefront. Passion is what you love to do. Talent is what you’re good at. Purpose is what you were born to do. Her current legacy of changing the lives of others including their future generations is her purpose.

She has used her experience to apply medical management skills to four not-for-profit organizations—New Nation Anointed Ministries, Hope4Us (Chief Medical Officer), The Harvey Brooks Foundation (Board of Directors) and the LIVE-Today Foundation, Inc. (Founder). For these organizations, she serves as a liaison between physicians and the administration, oversees quality management programs, and performs strategic planning.

Over the past 20+ years, she has become a highly experienced and dedicated physician with authoritative proficiency in healthcare management and organizational administration. She is an industry leader and subject matter expert in occupational health and wellness. She is a board-certified occupational medicine physician with a unique physician-patient perspective which has allowed her to master emotional intelligence and practice transformative medicine.

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