Lifelong friendsLife Evolves!

Our perception towards life is different in different phases of our life, be it our childhood days, teen days or as an adult. Every act we perform today impacts our life in one way or other. However, we shouldn’t be afraid of committing mistakes as it helps us to become a better person in our life. The only thing we should not forget during our journey is to not lose our values and principles.

One of the most important life lessons which I learned: People around you can make or break your life. Every person we come across leaves an impact on our life. So it’s better for us to choose the right set of people to be around and surround ourselves with.

When Aristotle was asked, in the 4th century BC, what defines a friend, he had no doubts. A friend is “one soul inhabiting two bodies”, he said, adding: “Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”

In the 21st century, it is a little more complicated.

I frequently take a look at who is in my immediate circle and what they were offering me. As harsh as it sounds, I believe this is how we should be looking at our friends and acquaintances from time to time, as they are a mirror reflection of us and vice versa. If you are finding that you are feeling drained after spending time with certain people, then perhaps it’s time for them to go, only after addressing your issues with them of course, and if you can’t, well then there are billions of other people on this planet out there.

One thing I’ve found in my own experience is that my close circle of friends has continued to narrow down as I age. My spare time is spent with those who I truly love and care about; the conversations are full of meaning, full of fun, and full of laughter. Sure, there are the hard times, there are the moments where the lows are lows, but these are balanced out with the high highs. The key word there, being balance.

It can feel almost a little business-like or quite black and white to be making decisions to rid our lives of people who are no longer serving a need in our lives, or those who are energy vampires but ultimately, as we age, life becomes about our happiness and keeping our stress levels down. Self-preservation is crucial so this is all a part of the process. Along the way, people will just drop off as they no longer feel that we want them around and we will also begin to drop off the radar of those who feel this way towards us.

Don’t feel any guilt about this, when it stops being fun, leave. If you feel like something can be fixed, fix it. The key is to not overthink anything and pay the upmost respect to your feelings, because doing so honors your mind, will and emotions. At some of the most turbulent times in our lives, this is sometimes all we can do for ourselves, so cherish the dark days in order to appreciate the light.